A Departed North Kerry Jewel

[Smith, 1756] Crotto House was once a splendid building in the heartland of a demanding part of the Irish countryside. In its lifetime it somehow summarizes the history of Ireland in the last 400 years. An unknown fact is that the house ironically witnessed the birth of a most well-known British leader and royalist throughContinue reading “A Departed North Kerry Jewel”

Forests in Seventeenth Century Ireland

Like all indigenous people around the world, the Gaelic clans around Ireland would have been hailed as conservationists considering current mentality in the caring for our natural environment. That said, the forests of Ireland at the beginning of the 17C covered 1/8 of the land mass of Ireland. The above fraction sounds insignificant, but theContinue reading “Forests in Seventeenth Century Ireland”

Mount Long Castle, County Cork

Set on high ground overlooking the winding Belgooly River and Oyster Haven, the ivy-covered Mountlong Castle makes a picturesque impression in the lush rural landscape, epitomising the romantic vista anticipated by the tourist visiting Ireland who expects to see an abundance of castles and to hear tales of ancient mythology. Mountlong Castle, begun in 1631Continue reading “Mount Long Castle, County Cork”

The Story of 17th Century Irish Houses.

Outside of the academic environment, identification of 17th century Irish houses is something ambiguous and confusing to most. Even the well-informed individual may stumble to identify the timeline of an 18th century ‘Georgian’ style house because it can sometimes sit firmly within the 17th century. All styles of architecture have borrowed from each other butContinue reading “The Story of 17th Century Irish Houses.”

Ireland & England Moment

  These snippets are big enough for a Facebook read I think! The idea is to compare similar architectural styles and histories from roughly the same period between these islands. England, with the best-preserved architecture on these islands punches way above its weight in style, longevity and diversity for a bunch of reasons. However, someContinue reading “Ireland & England Moment”